Guangzhou Taijia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Taijia Electronic Technology CO., LTD.) was founded in 2004, is located in a high-end Pazhou Exhibition Center Office - Zhongzhou center. The company has a superior office area and is in a convenient transportation network. The head office is located in Zhuhai, with an office area of more than 1200 square meters. It is equipped with modern office equipment, and the surrounding environment is quiet, clean and convenient for transportation. The warehouse is equipped with advanced and efficient inspection instruments, equipment and warehouse storage facilities. There is a famous brand supplier to the United States, the United States Varian ,Germany SIEMENS, GE, Kodak, the United States Medafor, Holland PHILPS, Toshiba and other international medical equipment companies import agent. The mode of operation, with many years of marketing experience and strong sales of standard, 2009 successful hemostasis surgery in the United States Medafor Arista device only domestic dealer qualification, and successfully open coastal and inland market, sold in many medical units.
  The company has more than 10 years of operating experience in pharmaceuticals and medical devices, a thorough research and management on the accumulation of industry, with internal medical department, the Department of import and export, marketing and other business core departments, sections of the three main business: medical equipment, import and export trade, energy saving products. The scope of business involves: new energy and energy-efficient product development, medical equipment and materials development, medical polymer materials and products, medical ultrasonic instruments and related equipment, clinical test and analysis instrument, medical optical instruments, instruments and endoscopic equipment, interventional equipment, implants and artificial organs, medical equipment, medical magnetic resonance laboratory equipment and apparatus, two types of medical X - ray equipment and components subsidiary, disinfection and sterilization equipment and appliances and other products.
In the medical equipment business management: based in Guangdong, facing the country. Mainly to sell three categories and two types of medical equipment products mainly, and the import of products, customs declaration, warehousing, sales, after-sales service to form a perfect one-stop service. Over the years, through the continuous positive development, the current medical equipment business booming, and the province has more than 50 hospitals and medical units to establish a stable and good relations of cooperation.
In the import and export business: the company is mainly engaged in the import of cellulase, barley, Wine, drinking water, instrumentation, chemical products and exports; green products, timber, wood products and other building materials products, the products are mostly sold in developed areas in Europe, Australia and the United states.
  Guangzhou Taijia electronic technology limited company with advanced management concept, standardized quality partners pragmatic and professional staff, the company's sales have been for many years to maintain growth, access to a good reputation in the industry.