Elliot is committed to improving public health as the goal, to cultivate the core strength for the radiotherapy equipment industry, and is committed to enhance the company's brand and employees to maximize the value, the customer value as the guide, in order to maximize the customer value maximization of corporate value creation, development cooperation and win-win platform in the industry, and strive to become the industry's largest radiotherapy equipment the most popular and influential, and the government trust industry benchmark, through the research and management of industry intensive accumulation to promote the stable development of the industry.
  Yasuyoshi focus on the future long-term development, all of one mind, development strategy, market competition and management combine to continuously improve its core competence and market position, to provide quality services, to contribute to the cause of human health, to achieve the company's social value.
  Yasuyoshi has consistently adhered to and makes the best possible use of the talent development strategy, will be incorporated into the company's development strategy important ranks, based on people-oriented, respect for labor, encourage employees to forge ahead, hard work, personal occupation planning and future development of the company closely, to encourage employees to achieve their full value, talent, respect for creation.